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Invest In Your Child

It's a fuss free fundraiser with maximum bang for your buck! 

What is Invest In Your Child (IIYC)?  
  • It’s the primary fundraiser of the Silver Springs PTA where families make a one-time donation. 

  • Funds raised from IIYC cover most of the PTA expenses for the whole year! 

Why do families love it?  
  • IIYC is back by popular demand because it is the easiest way to benefit our school and requires zero effort on your part.  

  • Since our PTA is a 501(c)(3), your donation is tax deductible!  

  • 100% of funds will benefit Silver Springs students, staff, and school.  No third-party companies hogging fundraiser profits. 

  • PTA will not ask you to do more fundraising later in the year. No sales of candy, popcorn, or wrapping paper.  No making your kid go door-to-door.  No need to hit up friends and family for sponsorships. 

  • If families donate generously to IIYC, then PTA will be able to keep all the awesome programs and events going.  It’s a one-and-done campaign.

How much do families contribute? 

Please give what you can.  Any amount helps, no matter how big or small. 

Anyone can donate!  Everyone is encouraged to!  No one is required to donate.

Running all the great PTA programs for our students depends on these funds.

These giving levels are purely suggestions based on current PTA needs.

Suggested contributions:

$50 – For one student at Silver Springs
$75 – For two students at Silver Springs
$100 – For more than two students at Silver Springs
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